The First Name in Homoeopathy

Harmonic Balance

Control Your Mood

One of the Friends for Life range of Bach Flower Combinations, specially formulated by Ainsworths, to simply assist with the challenges of modern life.

Alcohol-free, the gentle water-based ‘no taste’ formula speeds the effects of the remedies and makes it ready to use.

Simply sprayed on the tongue, it is safe for frequent use and with children and animals.

Use when you wish to experience, maintain or restore a comfortable balanced mood.

Harmonic Balance Flower Essences and their Qualities

Agrimony: Deep relaxation; inner courage; honesty openness; release from hidden, inner torment and pressure; brings inner peace.

Cherry Plum: Calm; great self-control; peace of mind; strength of purpose.

Gentian: Optimism; positivity; courageous attitude; self-belief; trust; anti-depressive.

Larch: Self-esteem; capability; self-belief; courage; competence; confidence.

Mustard: Motivates; inner fulfilment; mood lifting effects from sudden dark melancholy and deep depression.

Pine: Clarity; self-esteem; self-approval; appreciation and acceptance of oneself.

Star of Bethlehem: Relieves emotional shock, grief, despair, loss, disappointments, accidents, disasters, trauma, physical injuries; restores balance.

Sweet Chestnut: Relieves unbearable despondency; fear of total breakdown; restores desire for life.

Willow: Relieves self-pity, bitterness and anger; restores self-empowerment and responsibility.

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