About Ainsworths Remedy Finder

The Ainsworths Remedy Finder is designed to help you select the most appropriate Ainsworths remedy for your condition. It is not designed to replace your doctor and if symptoms persist consult your doctor or a professional homoeopath.

The Ainsworths Remedy Finder (ARF) has been designed to simplify your choice of a remedy from the Ainsworths homoeopathic range. It works by asking a series of carefully chosen questions about the condition you select. It analyses your answers and then suggests a suitable remedy. You can then find out more information about the remedy.

Ainsworths remedies are individually manufactured to the highest standards each one being prepared by hand according to traditional homoeopathic methods and licensed under the EC Homoeopathics Directive. The ARF system has been developed for patients to treat themselves with or without the aid of a health professional but with the assurance and knowledge that they would receive from a homoeopathic pharmacy. Both the remedies and their strengths have been chosen with great care. These remedies are exclusive to the Ainsworths range made under license and registered by the Department of Health. Please be aware that other brands may weaker and will not be suitable for use in conjunction with this computer programme. Since the programme has been written for the Ainsworths range it will also be inappropriate to use for other ranges where the remedies selection is not identical.

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