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I am equally worried about vaccination reaction and my dogs catching deadly diseases and was wondering what protocols other breeders are using these days.

I am about to have a litter and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help my pups cope with their first vaccines.

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Cavalier breeder Bill Knight contributed this reply to a ‘Dogs Today’ blog about Beardie Taiga's death from a suspected vaccine reaction

"We used to find that after their first vaccination our puppies would be very sleepy, off their food, often with an upset tum and with a painful lump at the site of the vaccination. About 14 years ago we changed our regime and we now don't have any of these problems. We now use Dog Combination 30c from Ainsworths in London when the pups are two and half weeks old. It contains homeopathic potencies of Hepatitis, Leptospitosis, Hard pad and distemper, Parvo virus and Kennel cough and it must be crushed - you can't touch it and it must be given without food. You need to ask for a leaflet that tells you how much to give and when. The dogs then get their traditional vaccine at eight weeks and since we've started using the Ainsworth Dog Combination we've not had any problems with reactions. We always insist on Nobivac and the other thing we do is keep all our pups until they are 10 weeks so they don't have any stress. There are four things we do that might otherwise be traumatic - the pups are jabbed, tattooed, chipped and litter screened before going to their new homes so we like to keep them for that extra two weeks to make this as untraumatic as possible. If anyone wants to know more I'd be happy to explain further. I'd just like to say how very sad I am about Taiga and send Lorraine all my sympathy."


Just a line to let you know how well homeopathy has worked for our dogs…

Jack, our German Shorthaired Pointer, had a growth the size of a golf ball on the bridge of his nose.  After taking an X ray the vet advised that she could not do anything for him and that to operate would disfigure him and that he would not live to be an old dog because of it.  Ainsworths sent a remedy to solve this tumor, and within 3 months it had gone...Jack’s sneezing and difficulty with breathing because of the lump all disappeared and have not returned since.

A whippet’s false pregnancy was quickly remedied with Pulsatilla… much easier, quicker and cheaper than the alternative treatments from the vets surgery and, without doubt, kinder to our dog’s body too.

The travel sickness tablets are brilliant for dogs and people alike when travelling by car or sea…one of our dogs was always sick after about 10 miles in the car, but your tablets put a stop to that and to my husband’s terrible travel sickness by sea.

Kind regards,

C Wilson


The following feedback has been received from the Ainsworths Web Site.

From: Debbie Lammin

At only a few months old, my youngest dog had teeth that looked positively disgusting - I've never had a dog whose teeth looked so horrid! I was sceptical about the possible benefits of Fragaria, but a few weeks of putting a few drops into his breakfast milk each day produced results I found truly amazing. I  now give it to all my dogs on a daily basis and will continue to do so - I'm more than willing to be quoted on this if anyone else needs convincing!


Never having been a great advocate of homeopathic remedies I placed my first order with a good deal of scepticism.  But, as well as being very cynical I was also very desperate – my elderly, but otherwise healthy, dog had developed what I can only describe as canine insomnia. For months on end I had been getting up four or five times every night to see to him. He didn’t particularly want or need anything, he was just extremely restless and unsettled. Having tried everything I could think of, I decided to give homeopathy a go.  I had a chat to a very helpful lady at Ainsworths who recommended a combination of Passiflora and Valerian and I have to say the results have been absolutely amazing.  It took about a week to see the effects but the difference is unbelievable.  My dog is still a lively, healthy boy but his night-time wanderings have ceased completely and he now sleeps right through the night. Pure bliss !!

Never again will I doubt the power of homeopathy…..

N. Wales

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