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Ainsworths Testimonials – Horses

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FROM Brockabye stables:

I use ARR for the stallion it works wonders and I always make sure I have surgery handy it is invaluable. Today I have also ordered injury - please could you tell me the breakdown on that so I know I use it effectively. Finally I love the new site ordering and paying was a lot easier. As ever I can never thank you enough for the positive impact Ainsworths has on the health and well being of all of us here at Brockabye. Best wishes Stella


I would just like to say how helpful a member of your staff (Angelee) was on the telephone. I dealt with Tony many years ago with a horse who had very bad sarcoids and have a similar problem now. Tony was not available but Angelee was marvelous. She explained all of the remedies and made recommendations regarding other ailments. I just wanted you to know what an excellent service she provided. Regards, Ann

May I first thank you all at Ainsworths for the amazing system of advice, help and sympathy. I have spoken to you many times and your feedback has been so very helpful.

I called you about my horse, who was suffering from a sacro-iliac complaint. You sent me some pills which not only sorted out my horse, but me too! (His bad back had caused mine)

Your "helpline" of marvellous personnel is a rare bonus, and I cannot thank you, or reccommend you enough.

Warm wishes from Anne Jones, horse owner from Hampshire

Dear all,

I am an Osteopath by profession and have a limited knowledge of Homoeopathy and have used ordered from your pharmacy by telephone occasionally over the years.

Today I placed an order for my horse who was recently diagnosed with navicular syndrome. I had the pleasure to speak with David Ledlemann who was courteous, helpful and informative. He was able to reassure me that  the remedies I was ordering, as recommended by a book, were highly relevant but  he really also added greatly to my knowledge. Please pass on my thanks to him for doing such a great job. His passion for the subject and his knowledge really shone through.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Miller

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