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The Bovine Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit

The Bovine Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit comprises 42 essential, extra large and ready-to-use remedies.

Remedies are presented in a spray form that is simple to administer and provides 'residue free' treatments, for less than the cost of two vet call-outs.

The 90 page accompanying book, The Herdsman's Introduction to Homoeopathy, provides full instructions on how to use the remedies for a wide range of common ruminant ailments.

The smart 33cm x 38cm case is made of durable plastic, for maximum protection during use, with the remedy names easily visible on opening.

Although specifically designed for the beef and dairy farmer, it is also suitable for use with sheep and other livestock.

Included in the kit

  • Aconite 200C
  • Ant. Tart 200C
  • Arnica 200C
  • Arr 200C
  • Arsen Alb 200C
  • BBU 200C
  • Belladonna 200C
  • Bellis Perennis 30C
  • Bryonia 200C
  • Calc Carb 200C
  • Calc Fluor 200C
  • Calc Phos 200C
  • Carbo Veg 200C
  • China 30C
  • Colchicum 200C
  • Conium 200C
  • Curare 200C
  • Euphrasia 200C
  • Graphites 30C
  • Hepar sulph 30c
  • Hypericum 200C
  • Ignatia 200C
  • Injury 200C
  • Ipecac 200C
  • Kreosotum 1M
  • Lacheses 200C
  • Ledum 200C
  • Lycopodium 1M
  • Merc Corr 30C
  • Merc Sol 30C
  • Nux Vom 200C
  • Pulsatilla 200C
  • Phosphorus 200c
  • Phytolacca 200c
  • Podphyllum 30c
  • Pyrogen 200C
  • Sabina 30C
  • Sepia 200C
  • SSC 200c
  • Silica 200c
  • 2x Pet Friend


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