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Ainsworths Remedy Selector

The Ainsworths Remedy Selector is a simple, educational tool which enables you to appreciate the concepts of homoeopathy and how it can be applied to determine a remedy for a number of common, self-limiting conditions.

The Remedy Selector is designed to assist you to find the most suitable remedy for your acute symptoms from the Ainsworths Counter Range range. Since this encompasses only 33 remedies of the 5000+ we manufacture, there may be other remedies you require outside of the range. The context sensitive help for 35 common acute conditions differentiates between remedies for the same condition but with different symptom expression enabling you can choose one that fits better than another. Do consult a homoeopath if you require further advice

We do not attempt to promote a remedy or diagnose your condition and advise that you seek medical attention for any condition you have concerns about.

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