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Customer Testimonials

Dear Sarah and Heather,

Thank you both so much for organising the Mag Phos for me! It arrived safely yesterday afternoon (Monday) and I was thrilled to receive it so quickly. I must say again that I am totally bowled over by the superb customer service you both extended to me - even more so as my order was only worth a few quid to your Company (but a life saver to me, as this remedy is the only thing that prevents the agony of totally debilitating leg cramp).

Thanks again for all your efforts in fulfilling my request and for keeping me informed on progress to the point of dispatch. I can't adequately express how much I appreciate it!


Thank you so much to the practitioner in your London shop who helped me last Tuesday when I came in to ask for help with my little boy's eczema.

My son first developed a patch of eczema a few days after a vaccination and I was really concerned about it. I was given a lot of time and assistance by the lady that I spoke to and the remedies that she gave me are already working.

I've found your staff to be very helpful in the past too - especially back in Spring 2007 when I used your mother and baby kit throughout my labour!

You provide a great service.

Thanks very much.

a customer

I recently made an enquiry about medication for my pet dog who has been having fits.

Your advisor was extremely friendly, considerate and helpful. She recommended treatment with Belladonna 30c one tablet twice a week which I have been administering for the past weeks.

Combined with dietary changes (omitting 'human' foods such as bread) this treatment seems to work and my dog has not experienced any fits since starting the treatment.

I wish to express my sincere thanks for a) your kind and helpful manner and b) sharing your knowledge for free!

I will certainly recommend you to friends and family and use your services again in future for pets and humans alike if I need to.

Thank you so much again


My testimonial after a telephone conversation with one of your Vets, describing and discussing the fact that my ex-working cocker spaniel, aged 12, was beginning to show the signs of canine dementia. It was breaking my heart as she is my late father's dog and I did not like watching her going downhill so quickly, although her appetite was still good.

She became very disorientated around the house, constantly walking around all night and terribly unsettled. Her other canine companions did not understand her either which did upset the ambiance of our home. However, I was prescribed Baryta Carb 30c by your vet and, after 2 weeks, my little dog has found a new zest for life, happy, tail wagging, enjoying her walks, plenty of cuddles and her night roaming has reduced dramatically so now even I can get some sleep.

She still has dementia, however it is remarkably improved and all our lives both human and canines have resumed to nearly where we were a few months ago. I just wanted to say a huge thank you once again for your wonderful knowledge and support, I always recommend you to my canine and equine friends, I have been a customer for over 20 years and shall always remain one.


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