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Bach Flower Courses

Bach Flower Course

Certificated 2-Day Course £200.00

Our world famous ABC Bach Flower Therapy course is now available on Zoom. Learn the simplest, most accurate and effective way to practice Bach Flower Therapy with Tony Pinkus in the comfort of your own home. Tony, our chief pharmacist, makes the essences for Ainsworths and has designed this course as the essential knowledge you need to succeed as a Bach Flower practitioner. In just two days you can learn the principles and how to practice effectively with this simpler yet most advanced method. The course is designed for everyone from the complete beginner to experienced practitioners who wish to add this therapy to their existing practice.

CPD Certificate of Attendance is given for each course.


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Bach Flower Remedy Kit
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Our new course enables you select remedies for yourself, family or patients  according to a novel and effective method we have discovered.

This method of remedy selection requires the use of a Bach Flower remedy kit. In order to encourage you to practice  and to benefit from applying this method, Ainsworths are offering their Bach Flower Remedy Kit at a £20 discount to students who book the course.

This exclusive offer is only available at the time of booking and can be selected as an option below.

About the Course

Bach Flower Remedies

This most natural system of self-healing based on plant essences, was discovered by homoeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.  Following a successful career as a bacteriologist and Harley Street consultant, he was intuitively guided to develop a simple method by which everyone could alleviate the mental and emotional distress and prevent or treat disease. Over a six-year period he determined thirty-eight essential plants that uniquely match and unblock the whole spectrum of negative human emotions. This drug-free system whilst being safe and effective is remarkably rapid at freeing blocks and entrenched habits.

Bach Flower Course

Ainsworths are completely committed to the principles and practice developed by Edward Bach, both in the preparation of our remedies and in the manner in which students are taught. You can muddle through with a book but  the most successful way of using them is to attend a course. Our course has been carefully designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the practice from philosophy to prescription. Over a two day period our students learn; the essential concepts behind treatment, a knowledge of the individual remedies and highly practical approach to remedy selection and prescribing.

The ABC Method

The culmination of Ainsworths training is the introduction of a simple, effective and efficient manner of diagnosis and treatment with Bach Flower remedies – the ABC method. Ainsworths Bach Choosing method is easy to learn and extraordinarily quick and effective to apply in practice. No other course teaches this unique method and results are discoverable within minutes rather than days or weeks. This method teaches students to use the entire Bach Flower kit for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. A full course in a single weekend.

Who should attend?

Whether you’re a practitioner and want to learn how to use Bach Flower remedies as an adjunct to your current discipline, or interested to learn how to treat yourself, friends or family safely and effectively, this course is suitable for you. On completion of the course students will receive a certificate from the Bach Flower Educational Foundation.

In-person courses are conducted at our London teaching center in New Cavendish Street

Online courses use Zoom - please ensure you have a suitable device to participate

What people have said about the Course

Incredibly valuable healing experience. Thank you so much! Maybe a bit more information on the website would be good just so people would understand the amazing potential of this course


Absolutely fantastic course – not what I expected – far surpassed my expectations! Really excited to continue learning more, feeling very inspired


Really interesting, insightful, an easy tool to add to my practice – will be recommending to other Homeopaths


The Bach Flower Remedies course with Ainsworth was not just on the theoretical knowledge of the Bach remedies, but an experiential learning experience that looked at healing as a whole.

My husband and I did this course together so that we could use the remedies as a family practice and in order to be more mindful about the moments and experiences that we are creating in our lives. Tony is an exceptional teacher and storyteller and we left completely transformed after just a weekend. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in deep healing from a mind, body & soul perspective as the ABC method is a powerful tool that works in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Thank you once again Tony for such a powerful experience.


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This is a practical course and you will need an Ainsworths Bach Kit in order to participate in all the practical exercises. Order under 'Extras' (discounted for course participants).

Please note that the following conditions apply to cancellation refunds on this course:

  • Up to 10 days before course commencement date: 25%
  • 10 - 7 days: 50%
  • less than 7 days: no refund

Bach Flower Course

£200.00 each

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