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Cleanse & Protect

Cleanse & Protect

Clearing Essence Mist Spray

Our spray is prepared with organic flower essences, in dosage strength, according to the recommendations and methods of Dr Edward Bach.

Cleanse and Protect purifies and cleanses, vibrationally, all sprayed areas and provides protection from external and internal interference.


And their properties


Pinus sylvestris

Great cleanser offering penetrating clarity. Clears past guilt, blame, emotional confusion and gives strength to the heart centre. Effectively grounds excess energy and enhances individual integrity.

Crab Apple

Malus sylvestris

Detoxifies, cleanses, clears and purifies. Balances and gives clarity to expression of needs. Allows growth of happiness and fulfilment.


Ilex aquifolium

Protection from negative internal influences and thoughts. Brings peace, balance of mind and re-integration after deep shock. Boosts immune system, encourages discernment and is a deep healer allowing creativity to flourish.


Juglans regia

Protects from external influences on the mind. Helps acceptance of change. Strengthens and shields from hurt and criticism.

Use on or around the body (avoiding eye contact), for personal clearing and protection, or directly into any environment you feel  requires vibrational cleansing. That is, all places where you choose to be, which have been affected by others’ emotions, strong feelings, speech or actions. For example, bedrooms, nurseries, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, cars, etc.

Cleanse and Protect

£19.25 each
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