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Ainsworths Homoeopathy & Essentials

Ainsworths Counter Range

Select a remedy from our popular Counter Range or buy the full kit.

Practitioner Supplies

Stock up on everyday essentials like vials and unmedicated remedy forms.

Ainsworths Remedy Kits

Ainsworths Kits are perfect for all the family in a wide range of situations.

Combination Remedies

Ready-made combinations for all eventualities.


Order from our standard range or simply choose your own.

Remedy Store

Choose from our full range of single remedies or make your own combination.

Bryonia Linctus

Bryonia Linctus is a soothing preparation to ease those winter coughs.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Choose from the full range of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies, carefully prepared in accordance with his methods.

Emergency Spray

Uniquely alcohol-free, with a gentle no-taste formula

Emergency Cream

Specially formulated high quality cream, containing a unique combination of nine Bach Flower Remedies

Friends For Life

A range of Bach Flower Combinations, specially formulated by Ainsworths.

Bach Flower Certified Course

Choose your dates from our regularly run London course.

Cleanse and Protect

Purifies and cleanses, vibrationally, areas, providing protection from interference.

Homoeopathy for Animals

Veterinary Approved Kits

Ainsworths is committed to making homoeopathy accessible and easy to use for everyone, including pets.

Farming Products

Ainsworths have been supplying farmers with remedies for common ailments since 1978.

Pet Friend

This essential spray for pets is a completely natural formula of Bach Flower Remedies.

Accessories & Books

Wallets & Boxes

Our range of attractive remedy wallets and wooden containers.


Our range of self-help books.

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