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The Mother And Child Kit

Simple homoeopathy for parents

Mother and Child is a homoeopathic kit to help parents through the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and baby/infant stages, right through to age seven.

This 42 Remedy Kit includes an extremely comprehensive 114 page self-help guide, which is compact, very easy to use and simply chooses remedies for both parents and children. Each vial contains up to 36 pills (1.3g) This best selling kit contains 42 remedies, each containing up to 36 pills (1.3g), and comes complete with a 72 page self-help guide.

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Remedies Included in the Kit

All remedies are supplied in 30c potencies
The Essential Remedy Kit Guide book is available separately
  • Aconite 200C
  • Antim tart 30C
  • Apis me 30C
  • Arnica 200C
  • Arsen alb 30C
  • Belladonna 200C
  • Bellis perennis 200C
  • Calc carb 30C
  • Carbo veg 30C
  • Caulophyllum 200C
  • Chamomilla 30C
  • Cimcifuga 200C
  • Cocculus 30C
  • Colocynthis 30C
  • Dioscorea 30C
  • Drosera 30C
  • Ferrum phos 30C
  • Gelsemium 30C
  • Graphites 30C
  • Hepar sulph 30C
  • Hypericum 200C
  • Ignatia 200C
  • Ipecac 30C
  • Kali carb 200C
  • Kali phos 200C
  • Lycopodium 30C
  • Natrum mur 200C
  • Nux vomica 30C
  • Passiflora co 30C
  • Phosphorus 30C
  • Pulsatilla 30C
  • Phytolacca 200C
  • Rhus tox 30C
  • Sabina 200C
  • Secale 200C
  • Sepia 30C
  • Silicea 30C
  • Spongia 30C
  • Staphisagria 30C
  • Sulphur 30C
  • Viburnum 200C
  • Urtica 30C

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The Mother and Child Kit

£60.00 each
This price includes VAT at 20%

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