The First Name in Homoeopathy

Ainsworths Ointments

 Our specially formulated Ointment base is free from lanolin, linalool, colourants, diethanolamine (DEA), perfume & any unnecessary ingredients.

Ointment Base ingredients

Yellow Soft paraffin, Soft White paraffin, Dehydag wax, & Liquid paraffin.

Our Core Range

 Our core range comprises of the following popular creams:

  • Aahh (Hypericum, Calendula & Urtica)

  • AHP (Aesculus, Hamamelis & Peaonia)

  • Arnica

  • Calendula

  • Graphites 8X

  • Hyper-Cal (Hypericum & Calendula)

  • Rhus Tox & Ruta

  • Thuja

  • Urtica

  • Tlacote Water 30c

Unless otherwise stated, ointments are a mixture of the Ointment Base and 5% Mother Tincture(s).

Non-range ointments

We are happy to prepare ointments outside our main range as required. For more details or to place a non-range cream order, please contact us directly.

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