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Friends For Life - Calm Assertion

Calm Assertion™

Confident Self-assurance

One of the Friends for Life range of Bach Flower Combinations, specially formulated by Ainsworths, to simply assist with the challenges of modern life.

Alcohol-free, the gentle water-based ‘no taste’ formula speeds the effects of the remedies and makes it ready to use.

Simply sprayed on the tongue, it is safe for frequent use and with children and animals.

Use before and during all situations where confidence and self-assurance are required.

Calm Assertion Flower Essences and their Qualities


Self-determination; self-fulfilment; willpower; protects from ideas or influence of others.


Intuition; independence; self-sufficiency; inner-knowledge.


Self-esteem; capability; self-belief; courage; competence; confidence.


Certainty; decisiveness; inner-security; knowing; independence.


Self-sufficient; awareness; empathy; helpfulness; large viewpoint.


Calm; relaxation; flexibility; acceptance; clarity; patience.

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