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Ainsworths is committed to making homoeopathy simple, accessible and easy to use for everyone, including pets.

Thousands of owners have expereienced how simple and easy it is to use our popular self-help books, to treat their pets homoeopathically, and have reaped the benefits.

Ainsworths stock a very large range of remedies and remedy kits, which are specifically designed to accompany our books.

Organic farmers, herdsmen and shepherds have discovered our self-help books are essential guides for treating and preventing disease in cattle and sheep. Over 5,000 farms in the UK currently use Ainsworths remedies in place of drugs. Whilst improving the health and extending the lives of their animals, it also keeps our food chemical-free. This clearly demonstrates how viable homoeopathy has become as a practical alternative to drugs in commercial farming.

We are happy to offer help and guidance and can provide you with an up-to-date list of homoeopathic vets.

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