Ainsworths Teaching Programme is regularly run from their London HQ. The courses are taught exclusively by Anna Jeoffroy, who is the co-author (along with her late husband Philip Salmon) of “Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies and The Chakras”.  Anna brings over 20 years of her extensive teaching experience, practical knowledge and accomplished complementary methods to the programme.
The Ainsworths Professional Diploma Courses offer the most comprehensive three stage training available for Certificated Bach Flower Education.


For a year after completing any course, students are invited to attend refresher classes at the appropriate level for a nominal charge (£20 for Bach I, £25 for Bach II and £45 for Bach III). This subsidised offer ensures continued understanding and satisfaction for the students.

CPD Certificate of Attendance is given for each course.


Bach Flower I

Certificated 2-Day Introductory Course  £99.00 + vat

The Introductory Course offers an initial level of understanding, giving the ability to prescribe for self, friends and family and offering practitioners an additional tool for use in their therapies.

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Bach Flower II

Certified 2-Day Intermediate Course  £120.00 + vat

For all who require a deeper understanding and interpretation of the essence and personality of each remedy and their connection with the chakra system. An essential complementary course for all practitioners who intend to use Bach Flower Essences.

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Bach Flower III

Professional Practitioner Diploma Course  £480.00 + vat

Intensive 4-Day course + 6 months supervised home study and practice. This is an advanced qualification giving an in-depth understanding for the use of Bach Flower Essences in a professional capacity. Graduates from this course are automatically entered on a professional register.

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