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I recently made an enquiry about medication for my pet dog who has been having fits. 

Your advisor was extremely friendly, considerate and helpful. She recommended treatment with Belladonna 30c one tablet twice a week which I have been administering for the past weeks. 

Combined with dietary changes (omitting 'human' foods such as bread) this treatment seems to work and my dog has not experienced any fits since starting the treatment. 

I wish to express my sincere thanks for a) your kind and helpful manner and b) sharing your knowledge for free!

I will certainly recommend you to friends and family and use your services again in future for pets and humans alike if I need to. 

Thank you so much again

Heike McKinnon

I wanted to send a quick note about how pleased I am with the order I received from your company. The package arrived in a timely fashion, the bottles were neatly packaged, clean and damage free. I am very impressed by the great experience that I have had in ordering from Ainsworths, everything was so professional! Also the product is great, even my patients that have multiple sensitivities to products are doing well taking your remedies. Thank you again for the great service, and I look forward to ordering again from Ainsworths soon. Ella

  I was surprised to hear about the press being hostile to homeopathy. I have a good story about using hoemopathy. I have a genetic tendency to develop kidney stones. (Both of my brothers and my cousin have had them.) I had a time when it seemed I had bladder infection after bladder infection and kidney pain for a long time. I did not want to have antibiotic after antibiotic. I was very frustrated. It ended up I had a kidney stone. I spoke to my chiropractor about my frustration. He gave me a combination homeopathic remedy with cantharis as it's main ingredient. This was a formula that was formulated in France. I used four bottles of the remedy. It was not instant but I passed the stone with no complications. I had a follow up visit with my M.D. doctor and I had no residual kidney stones. This cost me $28.00. for the remedy. I know of people with kidney stones that have had to pay $30,000 for emergency surgery. I know of others who have had to use ultrasound to break them up so they will pass and my brother had to have a stent put in so he could pass huge stones. By using homeopathy I have not had to use any of these treatments. I would like to say that I have not developed more stones since the first one but that is not true. However by using cantharis I have successfully treated them and not had to use costly more invasive treatments. I used both homeopathy and conventional medicine (follow up to see if all the stone had passed.) I think it is important to know what are the strengths and limitations of different medical treatments. If I was having a heart attack I may use homeopathy in my treatment but I would also call an ambulance to go to the hospital immediately. Feel free to use this on your testimonial site. Sharon

This speaks for itself really.It is a dialogue between myself and Jill, a client, following the BBC Inside Out programme which described the so called dangers of homoeopathic vaccination and homoeopathy in general. I have removed the clients surname to preserve her anonymity, Jill gave her permission for the case to be submitted to our Testimonials page.

For background information and responses from patients who have had conventional surgical treatment see this link

Tony Pinkus

Sent: 14 January 2013 21:38
To: Enquiries
Subject: Filled in form: Contact Us

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Hello, I have, in the past, used medicines from you for my cats and they have always worked. I was wondering if you may be able to help me! (not sure but worth a try ). I have a Bartholin cyst that i have had a weeks worth of antibiotics for, to no avail. It's still here, and i am due to go to hospital to have it drained. Is there anything you could give me for it in order to get rid of it .!!!!! Probably not, but i will ring you over the next couple of days to find out. RegardsJill


From:Tony Pinkus
Sent: 15 January 2013 11:06
To: Axe

Subject:RE: Filled in form: Contact Us

Dear Jill

Thank you for your enquiry below.

If the condition is chronic and doesn’t resolve with the suggestions below I advise you have a consultation with a homoeopathic practitioner to get a specific cure for your individual symptoms.

The remedies most likely to improve the situation from your description are Hepar sulph and Silica. Hepar sulph will drain the abscess and Silica will continue the resolution from then onward. They should be used sequentially not together as they benefit each other but cancel one another out if taken at the same time. If the cyst needs to find a route of drainage you must start very low with the Hepar sulph (say 6x or 6c at highest) if this starts the discharge you can then move to 30c which will promote this and also take away pain and inflammation. The dose in all cases is 2 tablets to be sucked or chewed three times daily between meals. As the pain and discharge stop and clear switch over to using Silica 30c three times daily.

I suggest you buy a 7g tube of tablets or pills (if you prefer the sucrose to lactose form- makes no difference to outcome) of

Hepar sulph 6c and 30c

Silica 30c

You can get these on our website at

I stress there are other remedies which may arise, although the above is worth exploring.

Warm regards

Tony Pinkus

Chief Pharmacist


Sent: 28 January 2013 15:30
To: Tony Pinkus
Subject: RE: Filled in form: Contact Us

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your help, you have just saved me going into hospital, having a couple of stitches and a week off work.!!!

The remedy you diagnosed for me has worked and I am now left with a tiny lump that is rapidly disappearing and I guess will go altogether, If I find I get anything else wrong with me that I think you may be able to help with ( hope not ) I will email you. I wish I had never taken the antibiotics now, but I didn’t think of you in time.

Kind regards


From:Tony Pinkus []
Sent: 29 January 2013 14:56
To: Axe
Subject: RE: Filled in form: Contact Us

Dear Jill

I’m delighted the remedy worked for you and that you avoided a hospital visit. Now thankfully you are in control of the problem.

I would like to ask your permission to use the case as a testimonial on our website, if you agree, and withholding any personal details.

Homoeopathy is under currently attack in the media by a hostile press who insist it is dangerous nonsense. By sharing your experience you will be providing the silent majority with hope for an alternative solution.




Date:30 January 2013 00:59:43 GMT+08:00
To: Tony Pinkus
Subject: RE: Filled in form: Contact Us

Dear Tony,

Its thanks to a programme on TV ( think it’s called Inside Out ) that actually gave me the idea to contact you!!! So the fact that the programme didn’t put Homeopathy in a good light didn’t put me off in the slightest. I know people think it’s nonsense, but it has worked for me and in the past, for my cats also.

Yes you happily have my permission to use this case as a testimonial on your website. If there is anything I need to do just let me know.



Dear Sarah and Heather, Thank you both so much for organising the Mag Phos for me! It arrived safely yesterday afternoon (Monday) and I was thrilled to receive it so quickly.I must say again that I am totally bowled over by the superb customer service you both extended to me - even more so as my order was only worth a few quid to your Company (but a life saver to me, as this remedy is the only thing that prevents the agony of totally debilitating leg cramp).Thanks again for all your efforts in fulfilling my request and for keeping me informed on progress to the point of dispatch. I can't adequately express how much I appreciate it!

All the very best, Angela Ramsden


I only refer your online pharmacy to all my abroad patient. I appreciate your quality service and the most important thing of keeping large variety of remedies with all possible potency in all form. Really I am happy. In other words I advertise your on-line pharmacy as an admirer.

Thank you Dr.R.Satapathy.MD(Hom)


Well actually just sat down and did it! Seeing as you did so much its the least i could do and i hope its ok.  Olympia sounds like it will be fun! One of my favourite things setting up exhibitions, Chloe's doing really well she read your email and is drinking her bottled water. I would like to meet you If you'd like anyway here it is


I ordered some remedies yesterday (late morning). Elaine was the telephone contact. The remedies arrived this morning. I just wanted to say Thank you for the superb service. Please congratulate your orders and dispatch team on their sterling service. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again. Best Regards. Margaret Pilkington

Last week my 13 year old daughter chloe was sent home from school with a awful headache vomiting and blurred vision. She couldn't focus her eyes and was extremely worried and scared as I was, I took her to a&e in the local hospital after some tests they diagnosed her with a migraine told me to give her neurofen  and calpol  alternately and hopefully it will be gone in a couple of days! Well neither of them worked really she was still in pain for the whole of The day and night. I looked at the homeopathic hospital website hoping they might have an a&e, which they don't by the way. I remembered I had to wait 4 months for a referral myself but, they did have a list of homeopths in my area The first two being vets and then doctors and then a  pharmacy. So I wrote an email to two of them . Well I had a nice surprise in The morning as one had written back a great long email asking questions and giving information about what might be needed in certain situations. Well I was totally knocked off my feet as I didn't expect anything like it. What I expected was "yes may be able to treat call for consultation".Anyway I answered all questions and gave as much background info as thought needed and I got another email very soon after, we discussed over a few emails the symptoms and other info and  Tony came up with a couple of different remedies so I got on the phone ordered The remedies and went straight to The  pharmacy who were very efficient and helpful. We tried ignatia first and it seemed to be working my daughter picked up a bit and said she felt a bit better but eyes still blurred. we stayed with that for the rest of the day. later on ,it didn't seem to be working as much and so on Tonys advice as he said if it work we should see a vast improvement. We switched to sepia and nat Mur alternately every hour well this made a great improvement almost straight away. In The morning chloe was full of beans, she ate a big breakfast and was singing This was such a relief. Tony was amazing he was patient and very kind, as I was really unsure what to do and he made me confident that it was could be possible to fix without loads of pain killers that didn't work anyway Many thanks to him and Ainswortg pharmacy. Bekkie and Chloe

Sent from Bekkie Cheeseman

Dear Ainsworths,

I have been to your pharmacy on 25th Wed, last month, around 3-3.30pm for I needed help finding the right remedy for my long-lasting cold, high fever and skin problem (spots that were occurring together with the un-wellness). When I went there, although I had some ideas myself which remedy to purchase since I have looked through home-use remedy directory book I had at home, I asked for help and suggestion. One of the members of your staff (I didn't find out his name, unfortunately, but I remember that he was wearing glasses, I think, and was not wearing white uniform(?)) had gave me a very sincere and helpful consultation.

He suggested me two remedies - and after taking those two remedies, within a week my cold is almost gone and skin got much much better!!!

I had difficulty finding the right medicine/way of curing them for months  before I had the consultation from him at your homeopathy pharmacy. I can't tell how happy I am.

So Thank you very much for your kind & professional help. Please tell him that I said so too (if you have any idea who exactly it is!).




I have been using your products for several years now and I have found that the products have been very beneficial to me and my family particularly the Hayfever Itchy and the mixture for my high Blood Pressure.

I have old all my friends and family I would like to thank your for being on hand whenever I needed a remedy.  Geraldine


Hi Tony,  Very nice lady rang up and told me that you’d saved her husband’s life.  She’s a nurse and her husband had horrendous MRSA because the hospital had removed his catheter without checking his urine.  All the medics said it was up to her to decide treatment and no more a/bx could be given.  She couldn’t believe it.  Something led her to ring Ainsworths and you happened to answer the phone and you were by all accounts wonderful to her on the phone.  I know this is one of hundreds/thousands of people but just thought I’d let you know anyway. She’s going to send a testimonial.  She opened by saying that Ainsworths saved her husband’s life.  Great headline.


I have a great fondness for 2 specific products that you supply - the Ainsworth's Emergency Recovery Plus and the Room Clearing Essences.

The Emergency Recovery Plus: I used this to great effect on a classful of near-hysterical mature female students, as they were nearing exam time. They were each given 2 squirts without being told what it was, and it calmed them down to such an extent that 75% of the class instantly went out and bought their own spray, which was then conspicuous during their exams! Fantastic effects. I find it to be more efficacious than the ordinary Rescue Remedy and have used it personally as well, to help combat shock at the impending loss of my mother and then the grief when she passed away.

Room Clearing Essences: best noxious wind neutraliser I have ever come across! Highly effective against even the worst offences (and my husband is a serial offender) and has a lovely fresh fragrance. I use the Ground & Go and the Cleanse & Protect - both equally effective.

I hope they'll be available in Australia!

Ann Beirne


 I just wanted to say that I received my order (#146470) today. THANK YOU so very much, it is greatly appreciated.  I'm expecting to give birth in about 2 weeks and I wasn't sure if I would have received it by then --- You helped me more than you could imagine. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


I ordered the basic 7g bottle of tlacote water tablets and you asked for testimonials so here is mine!!

The healing of the ailment with tlacote water tablets is amazing.  I had a severe case of 'red eye'.  My eyes were deeply bloodshot and very sore, but I only got this when in a particular situation so I knew that the ailment was psychosomatic and traditional medical explanations for my 'red eye' were insufficient.  So I ordered the tablets and took one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I knew that evening I would be in the environment and situation that would trigger the deeply bloodshot eyes and severe soreness of my eyes.  That night my eyes were perfectly okay for the first time in months.


I want to say a very big thank you. I ordered on the web last Sunday and rang up Monday as I fly to Australia next week & wanted to confirm my items would arrive on time. Your staff were extremely helpful & said they would mark my order urgent,  it arrived today, Tuesday, all ready for my journey. An excellent service.

Bev Thompson

Hi Robbie

I received my tablets on Saturday morning and just wanted to say a special thank you for the speed and efficiency with the way that my query was dealt with. I am more than impressed with your service on which at the end of the day was a very small order.

Thank you again



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