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I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your rapid processing of my order for the Emergency Spray last week - it arrived the next day! I was extremely impressed with the service and very grateful to have got it in such a timely fashion as I'm off back to Australia today and needed to be able to take it with me. Thank you again - excellent service!

Ann Beirne

Dear Sirs,

Circa eighty years ago - I am now  82 - I was (I have been told) stung by a wasp.  There is evidence on a leg. When aged 5, I received hospital medical treatment for a stye which condition developed into alternating convergent squint.

For some time now I have been bothered by a blotch interfering with the vision in my left eye and a pattern in my right eye; the blotch was of an intensive red and the pattern was similar to the black and white pennant seen in motor racing. Both were problems I could tolerate.

You supplied me in the latter part of September with some Vespa Crabro 200c liquid.  Some two/three nights ago the pattern disappeared (gradually) as I had it in my sight (on the bedroom ceiling) and the blotch is considerably reduced; it has almost gone.  The pattern has not returned.

I cannot think of any reason other than the remedy you supplied.

Yours faithfully,  

M  Eden Irving


Thank you so much to the practitioner in your London shop who helped me last Tuesday when I came in to ask for help with my little boy's eczema.

My son first developed a patch of eczema a few days after a vaccination and I was really concerned about it. I was given a lot of time and assistance by the lady that I spoke to and the remedies that she gave me are already working.

I've found your staff to be very helpful in the past too - especially back in Spring 2007 when I used your mother and baby kit throughout my labour!

You provide a great service.

Thanks very much.

I have recently used the ainsworths post operative remedy after eye surgery. The surgeon had told me to aspect various pains and discomfort but I did not experience any of them, after either of the two operations.
It may sound silly but the complete lack of expected discomfort made me start to wonder if everything was ok!
A big thank-you to ainsworths for all the useful help and advice I’ve had over the many years I’ve dealt with you. Long may it continue.

Yours sincerely Siboney Cole

About lunch time on Friday I telephoned Ainsworths as I needed help with a problem. I had the good fortune to be answered by Nicky.

We had the most useful , enjoyable conversation during which my problem was diagnosed and the necessary prescriptions were proposed. Her skills and presentation were a delight.

The package arrived the next morning.

I’ve been able to attack my kick boxing sessions  vim and vigour!

My thanks to Nicky and your organisation.


Dusty Mitter

I'm just starting my course of mixed pollens for the third year in a row, and I wanted to let you know how relieved (literally!) I have been to discover this product.  I've had hayfever for over 30 years and tried it all.  Last year I took four a day for six weeks followed by one a day through the season, and for the first time in decades I had no need to resort to antihistimines.

I am really looking forward to Summer this year!


Deborah Norris


I have just received my first order from you, including the travel kit in leather case, and am most impressed with your prompt service and quality of products.
Thank you.

yours sincerely,

                      Ann Evans

The following feedback has been received from the Ainsworths Web Site.


Amazing service. Fast next day delivery.


Lovely helpful ladies to talk to. I am new to homeopathy and they have been so helpful and re-assuring. Thank you.

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