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Ainsworths Testimonials – Dogs

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Delia Cramer

4th May 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the results from using Homeopathic treatments for my eleven year old dog, who I purchased from Battersea dogs home in 2002.

Shortly after having her she developed dust mite infection, the vet gave me ointment to use three times a day,which she hated & I had to bring my son over each time to hold her down to administer treatment, she lated it so much.

I was recommended to try homeopathy after the vet informed me she would need medication for the rest of her life.

After using homeopathic pills for a few days her eyes were better. It started again a couple of months later, I gave a few more pills for three days & that was the finish of dust mite trouble.

A few months later she became incontinent at nights, another vet gave her medication & also said she would need it forever.

I phoned again to Ainsworths and pills were sent & the trouble clears up in a few days.

A year or so ago she started limping & was obviously in pain without thinking 1 went to the vet where 1 had since moved to who put her on Metacam which certainly stopped her limping & freed her from pain ( l belive ) but recently she was feeling sick with this treatment & started eating my green plans also rushing out in the morning to eat grass & certain plants.

Then I decided to phone Ainsworth again & see if they could hclp, which of course they did, So gradually I stopped Metacam & now have reduced her homeopathic pills from three a day to one.

Tara is a different dog now, more lively & no more rushing for grass & herbs.

I am just sorry it took me so long to contact Ainsworths again. . but I am an elderly person & was not thinking.

Christian| at Ainsworths was so helpful for me. . .but I have through the years found all staff so caring.

I just get so upset when people disagree with homeopathic remedies . . . I cannott praise them enough.

I thank Dr. Bach of course !'' but I hope Ainsworths will the there forever & thank| you all.

Yours most sincerely

Dee Cramer


To: Nikki                                               Friday 7 November
Subject: From Cecelia Boyle


Thank you co much for your help yesterday.

As I told you I have a Homeopathic vet, Neil Coode in Cranleigh. He is  1 hour drive away so he must be good!!!!! He does not always have in stock what I need or indeed I sometimes have a telephone consultation so a good stock of homeopathic products is essential.

We never vaccinate our dogs we just use the nosodes so they have little use of a vet being rarely seriously ill!!!!!!

Earlier this year I discovered the Emergency spray. Being non alcoholic I bought some. Wow what a product. WE bought it originally for the dogs but my daughter and I would never go anywhere without it. As Charlotte says it is a handbag essential!!!!

We have used it with the dogs for travelling, going to the vets and shows. As you know I am having problems with a litter of Italian Greyhounds, hence my phone call yesterday. I was sure in the early hours of this morning I was loosing one the bitches. What had I to loose - a couple of sprays into her mouth and she is still alive. I have recommended this product so often and everyone has been delighted. Ainsworths certainly hit on a winner there.

I do so hope my parcel arrives this morning otherwise I may loose her.

I have a very famous affix - Berinshill. It has been in existence with the Kennel Club since 1948 and I am the third generation. My youngest daughter, Charlotte, will be the fourth. I have been using homeopathic products for the past 12 years and I always turn to them first before conventional medicine.


Yes as regards our dog. Her name is sparkle and she's a kerry blue terrier. the full story is that 2 years ago she was actually booked in to have the operation but the vet had to abandon it because she vomitted under anaesthetic. We brought her home and seeing how upset & traumatised she was we decided to try homeopathy as a treatment for her awful phantom pregnancies. She would not only produce large amounts of milk but she was very nasty tempered for such a usually sweet natured dog. She would go lie down on my daughter's bedroom rug and not let anyone else into the room. We were very afraid, she would be growling etc. On one occasion i nearly had to call the police to have her taken away !

So i rang you guys up, the wonderful lady looked up phantom pregnancies in a "goat" book and after much questionning, prescribed sepia and asaphoetida. Well my dog's next due date for phantom pregnancy came along and this time having done as advised by yourselves, she produced no milk and only gave a slightly worried look, no growling at all. Now the vet had told me that homeopathy would not work but i agreed with him that if it didn't work that i would book my dog in for the op because she was a danger to any visitors with small children whenever having her phantom pregnancies. Anyway, since then we have had no phantom's at all. Well, maybe a slightly "i'm a bit confused mummy" look in her eyes but no milk and no growling. I'd call that a 100% success. You've saved my daughter's dog, from a major operation and now we're hoping to have puppies in a year or so.

Thankyou so very very much, I never wanted to have my dog operated on but i thought it was the only way. Thank you that you found a better way.
Helen Burchell


On a whim, whilst reading a reputable whippet newsletter, I contacted a homeopath and during the consulation was recommended to use a dose (one tablet of each) of each antimonium crudum 30c and Thuja 30c  twice a day for three weeks.  Keeping an open mind we took photographs each week.  After three weeks we returned to our vet who confirmed that the corn had in fact got smaller.  We noted that it had definately got smaller, and when we rubbed a finger nail over the corn area it was much softer.  During the three weeks, we had managed to hull the corn on two occasions to reduce it.  We also stopped his road walking and kept him to grass areas.

We will give him a further treatment of two weeks.  The corn hasn't completely disappeared but it certainly is smaller, softer and our dog has stopped limping.

Most importantly, for the moment at least, we are happy that we haven't put him under further anesthetic for the removal of his corns.

Upon my first telephone call to Ainsworths to order the medication the member of staff with whom I spoke was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful.

Am happy for you to say it was used on a dog in Berkshire

Just a note to say thank you for your products we have several dogs. The conventional vet was unable to confirm why our stock was ill. The greyhound recovered. I apso the vet considered to be spayed has recovered. I am pleased your carbo veg mix helped to save them.

D Monkton


Dear Everyone at Ainsworths,

I would like to thank you for all the marvellous advice and help with our little spaniels health over the last six years. She flora died on Saturday. You have been amazing helping her to keep out of pain and also, in the spring sending a flea mixture as fleas from hedgehogs in the garden were sending her crazy and frothing caused her to have fits. She has been almost blind from birth and had hip dysplasia and spinal nervous system problems and after consulting on the phone you came up with a mixture that, along with anti inflammatory from the vet, kept her happy until she couldn’t cope any longer. We put her to sleep at home and we want you to know you’ve helped her for many more years than we would have done without you. She was only six but had the happiest life possible with us and she was loved from the moment she opened her eyes at birth until the end. Thank you all.

Sincerely Melanie Kan


Many thanks for your help and support last week. I called you regarding my dogs anxiety with the toe nail cutting, as well as my own anxiety in my two week wait following IVF. You advised rescue remedy for us both!
I’m very pleased to tell you I got a positive pregnancy test following your advice. You were so helpful on the phone and the emergency spray was invaluable.  I’m also now able to add my dogs paw, which is a huge achievement after she was previously so aggressive. I’m forever taking her to the clippers. You have saved her distress and me a huge expense as my only option was to take her to the vet for sedative for nail clipping.
Many thanks once again for all of your help and kindness.

Jersey 1st February 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to testify that I have been a consumer of homeopathic medications for over 4 decades. My French husband has been a user all his life.

Up until I married and went to live in France, I had never tried homeopathic medicine. My scepticism soon vanished when I saw a vet throw IGNATIA pills into the fodder of a very nervous expensive French race horse, just before taking it into the starter pen.

After witnessing this event, my theory of homeopathy being a simple placebo along with my scepticism evaporated. On returning to my island home, I was disappointed to find that there was no resident homeopath in Jersey although ARNICA is used in our General Hospital.

I was recommended to try Ainsworths Pharmacy in London. When I phone there is no electronic voice. I always get through to a person who gives good advice and researched information.

Their remedies are fresh and dare I say it, in some cases better than the French ones. Living on an island, we are not always well served by some mail order companies. They often linger to send us the goods. Ainsworths always deliver within 48 hours to our door here in Jersey.

My local GP is aware that I use Ainsworths remedies along with his prescriptions. My last point is that if homeopathic medication is good enough for the Queen of England (Our island’s Duke de Normandie) and all her horses, it is good enough for me.

I agree that there are all sorts of unorthodox practitioners who practise  under the “umbrella” of homeopathy , but Ainsworths are not of that ilk.

I agree that Ainsworths use all or part of this letter.

Yours Sincerely

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