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Ainsworths Testimonials – Emergency Spray

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I have used Emergency Spray a lot for stress, I get migraines caused by stress, and have found that when I recognise sudden stress, (not always easy to do in the through's of whatever situation is beginning to cause stress), if I use emergency spray regularly in the hours that follow, it will often stave of a migraine attack.

I also use it when shopping and travelling, I find it calms me down.

My son has in the past found it useful while driving, so has a work colleague who was very stressed, she said it was very effective.

I never travel outside my home without emergency spray, it is brilliant, and can't recommend this product highly enough anyone who has stress related issues or gets easily stressed, to give it a go.

I have not come across any other alcohol free rescue tincture, as I cannot take products containing alcohol this find is a life saver.

58 Year Old Wife & Mother from the Forest of Dean, Glos


After meeting Carole who recommended emergency spray its been an absolute breakthrough with my stress/anxiety thank you so much i will re-order asap thanks jayne (welfare officer)


When we take our dog to the vet he does get distressed due to previous treatment... not his favourite place to visit.  He tries to sit on our laps, or on the bench with us.  He also does reverse sneezing (a sort of rapid breathing through the nose).  Recently before getting him out of the car upon arrival at the vets, I sprayed the Emergency Spray once, into his mouth, and although he was still a bit clingy, he didn't reverse sneeze and was a little calmer.

Best wishes.... will be passing on details to my vet who was actually open to the idea.  Will also pass details on to the Secretary of the Whippet Club who I had previously been in contact with asking for any info on corns.  I know it sounds daft, but we are so happy about it and if we need to repeat this type of medication on a regular basis then we will.

Many thanks for your help and support last week. I called you regarding my dogs anxiety with the toe nail cutting, as well as my own anxiety in my two week wait following IVF. You advised emergency spray for us both!

I’m very pleased to tell you I got a positive pregnancy test following your advice. You were so helpful on the phone and the emergency spray was invaluable.  I’m also now able to add my dogs paw, which is a huge achievement after she was previously so aggressive. I’m forever taking her to the vet. You have saved her distress and me a huge expense as my only option was to take her to the vet for sedative for nail clipping.
Many thanks once again for all of your help and kindness.

Regards Rebecca

Hello, just wanted to say how much I liked the Emergency anti-stress spray and cream they arrived today and within seconds of trying it out I felt a lot better. Many Thanks!

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