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Ainsworths Testimonials – Cats

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Dear Ainsworths

I just wanted to let you know that after speaking to one of your advisors, we treated our cat Dave with Silica and he has completely recovered. He had been ill on and off since last October - the vet said that he had a large mass in the left side of his face but without invasive and expensive procedures could not say more and could only offer palliative care. By July he had stopped eating, had continuous green and bloody discharge from his nostrils and we were left debating when we should end his suffering. However, within an hour of giving him the silica he ate then went out and caught a bird! Although it has been a slow process, he is now back to his mischievious self - a really big thank you.  
Keep up the good work.

Katy Barnes

Testimonial from the Chairman of Cats Lifeline:

Many thanks to you and the Ainsworth's  team for your very prompt and helpful response, as always, to my order.  You are a Lifeline to Cats Lifeline and have been for many years.  With rescued cats, emergency treatment is very often required, not only medically but with behaviour  also.  The cats are very stressed when they come to me and Vets. can do little for this problem.

I couldn't do this work without you and homeopathy.

Many thanks indeed,

Deanne.  (Chairman)

Hi Clair, Jerry’s ear is still stabilised – great!  (the trouble localised on the tattooed number on his ear) At the moment I am giving Echinacea morning and evening and Graphite’s morning and evening having given a “booster” of three X for a couple of days. I am still using Graphite’s cream twice or three X a day. He continues to be a lively happy cat but his ear is “itching” him. Not bad for a 16.5 year old though?

Our two weeks holiday is looming and Jerry and Joop are booked into their five star, run by a breeder, who will give him his medication – lovely woman. My question is – can she give both tablets at the same time one after the other morning and night? Should she give them after food or before?

Once again, I am grateful for your support and our thanks to everyone at Ainsworths.

Thanks again

I recently treated my Siamese cat for an inappropriate  spraying problem with staphysagria 200 - for 6 days - left it for a week - then resumed for a further 6 days.

I could see a change emerging almost immediately.
There was a brief slip back into jealousy with her sister cat after the first dosage.
With help & support from Nicky at New Cavendish St I resumed the treatment and things calmed down.

Now a month or so after I started the treatment my gorgeous much loved cat appears happy and contented.
The spraying problem has disappeared.

Many thanks for all your help.

Ingrid Hooper

Very many thanks for your wonderful generosity to Ai Kansha cat sanctuary last winter.

Your remedies are superb and the flower remedies really potent, powerful and effective,
Love and thanks to you all

Mary Keating


Dear Marie,Nicky,Anjali,Claire and others,

I was so grateful for the help and support you all gave me months ago back in April when my cat was so ill and died after fitting for six weeks. This thank you card I’ve had for ages and have tried several times to write. I feel really bad about the incredibly long time it’s taken me  and while you might understand better than I do myself I can hardly expect forgiveness as I’ve no idea why it’s taken me so long.

Puss took up hours and hours of my time at a lousy time garden-wise, and there’s loads of catching up to do. Nether the less that was no excuse- how many moments just to write a thank you card? Puss was
our last cat and I’m not having another one- the birds have enough to cope with, what with the neighbours cats. I’ve had cats all my life and her loss has been difficult for us (that is my husband and myself) but especially for me.

It’s been a difficult year for me one way and another. I hurt my knee back in the summer for which I’ve recently had key hole surgery. In a way I wish I hadn’t as it’s more painful now and it was gradually recovering I thought with apis. The op was to remove the cartilage but I do have arthritis which the op seems to have aggravated.
Then a bowel problem became more sever. It’s not  cancer fortunately but other tests I’ll not know about until the end of the month. Other problems like balance which seems to get worse by the day makes walking very difficult. My other hip needs replacing but the specialist won’t do it because I don’t take any paracetamol!!
Why am I telling you all this? I’m not one for talking about my ailments. Probably because over the past many years you at ainsworths have been a life line on so many occasions and you have been friends, and now I’ve not spoken to anyone since April believe me I do feel bad about it. Now I have this need to unload as no one else knows about all this I do keep things to myself as I have mostly done in my 80 years.

With Christmas looming I’m forced to do something about it at last if I’m to send you a Christmas card as well! Procrastination only in some things I think!

So this is to say thank you again and I can only hope you are all still at ainsworths and my sincere apologies for such a long delay. It’s been constantly on my mind perhaps I shall feel less miserable now another of my problems! I really am sorry for treating you so badly!

I do hope you are all well and have a lovely Christmas and new year.

Very warmest regards, Barbara Thompson

P.S I’m convinced the frontline that puss had on a regular basis was eventually too much for her nearly 23 years to tolerate. She was very thin as well. I can’t imagine how I hadn’t known you do stuff for fleas!

Your name

Dr Janice G

Your message

Thank you so much for such brilliant customer service: the pharmacist on the phone was really clear and helpful, and the remedies ordered only yesterday arrived this morning. My cat is very pleased, and so am I. Best wishes, Janice G

PS and great you included the catalogue

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