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Hi Nikki .  I have at last found the time to send you the results of a treatment for Pododermatitus I hope this is of some use to you and the team.

  Pododermatitis : Commonly known as Bumblefoot in guinea pigs

The first sign is inflammation of the footpad. Then patches of hard skin appear.
The flesh under the scab can ulcerate and rarely pus can form.
This is not life threatening, most live a full life span.

There are a few veterinary treatments, but I’ve never heard of a case being cured, only improved.

In the case of elderly guinea pigs, as mine was, the use of drugs is a concern as they can affect the balance of the digestive system which can lead to death.

My Guinea Pig had suffered from this condition for some time until I could no longer get the nail clippers under his nails, also the nails were in danger of digging into the swelling on the foot.

I described this condition to a person at the Ainsworth advice team who suggested a mixture of silicia and sulphur.

Within three weeks the foot was clear of the condition and it never returned.
He also had a rattling noise that came from his throat, although his breathing was not affected but that disappeared as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team at Ainsworth for their interest and help given to cure, or make a condition more comfortable for me and my menagerie (Husband included)  over many years.

Kind regards.

 Patricia Pickett.

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