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I wanted to write about our experiences here on the family farm some 20 years ago, where we had approximately 250 ewes and around 65 milking cows.

Having experienced years of this viral infection I consulted our local vets, who suggested I use a live vaccine, which did absolutely nothing for the situation.  The local vets visited the farm on several occasions to see if everything was administered properly, which was the case.

They then suggested I try several other so-called ‘cures’ for the virus, which all failed, as did penicillin. Efforts from vets at the Veterinary Investigation Centre also failed.

Because the ewes’ udders were so badly infected with Orf, the lambs could not suck the ewes.  We lost a considerable number of lambs through this and also ruined a lot of ewes.

Then I heard of a certain Mike Jessop, who practiced in homeopathy and had a veterinary practice in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan. I wrote to him, explained our problem and he replied with what might help us, but made no promises.

He went into it all and suggested treatment with homeopathic drops – five drops per week.  I thought this dose was pathetic for 250 sheep but full credit must go to Mr. Jessop because it worked.

This cure has been practised for 20 years and is now 99.9 per cent successful – homeopathy has succeeded against all ‘modern medicines’.

I also had a salmonella problem in sheep 8 years ago.  I consulted the vet again and he suggested penicillin of many sorts, which were no use whatsoever.

Again the Veterinary Investigation Centre were called and failed again.  I then contacted Mr. Jessop who came up with homeopathic drops for salmonella and I have had no problem since.

We also use homeopathic drops in the dairy herd for mastitis.  The mastitis tubes and infections have been halved from previous times.  I also don’t discard milk into the slurry pit due to their being no withholding period for the milk.

Also, I no longer use dry cow therapy and, again, this is a big saving in both tubes and discarded milk.

There are a number of vets who dismiss homeopathy, and also there are a lot of farmers who dismiss it, but it has certainly worked here and the cost is virtually nothing.

There is more than one type of Orf virus and, of course, one has to follow the rules.

I am writing this because, as a farmer, if we cannot help each other then no-one else will bother.

Peter Weekes,
Dolau Llwydion,

Dear Tony

Yes, by all means use the contents of my email as a testimonial. I could add that I have used a homoeopathic vet for 20 years. The most striking 

outcome was the curing of conjunctivitis with euphrasia in 24 hours.

Best wishes

Marion Smith

PS I have found your book on Homoeopathy for Dogs really useful.

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